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(BA) Fine Art - 2:1 at University for the Creative Arts (Farnham) 2016


 Amy is a Southampton based visual artist that works to create habitable spaces from memory. She often recreates objects in as much detail as possible, creating real, tangible and functional objects. She may use props and even her own personal objects, to interweave artist made and found. She will research using a variety of sources including local archives as well as use images she takes whilst exploring her city and her own family photographs as well as those shared online. 

She is interested in local history, personal history and class culture. For the artist; originally from a council estate in Southampton, but relocated to a new build middle class suburb in Surrey as a child, the work has provided a way to reconnect with her family. Connections that have been lost and separated by social class, distance and death.

Amy currently has a studio in the Arches which is run by A-space arts in Southampton