Concrete Playground

Duck-on-a-spring - polystyrene, mild steel, concrete, gravel, suspension spring

Roundabout - concrete, scaffolding, pallet wood, casters, aluminium, rivets

Slide -  readymade childrens slide, roofing felt, bituminous adhesive, silica sand

prose about something lost;

I think about that playground just sitting in a skip or a landfill right now, like i bet there's chunks of wall just sitting there it's not a maze anymore, it doesnt even look any different to anything else, but it's got all those memories, all the children that ever played on it, all the grazes and the scratches and the cuts caused by it, the wall is stained with children's blood and skin lies on it's surfaces. I wonder how many teeth the walls took. baby teeth? adult teeth? dentures? how many bruises went purple and yellow days after collision? how many tears did it soak up How many smiles? how many kings and queens sat upon the throne, only to be chased out by dirty rascals, how many reigns i wonder? how many people remember it in fondness. how many of those monarchs forgave it for their injuries? did the demolition crew say a few words when they trashed it? did they remember it fondly too? or were they not from round 'ere?