‘THE HOPE’ is a replica of a Brixton pub sign. It is not the image of a cosy country pub with a hand painted sign of the kings head or single beautiful rose to distinguish it from its neighbouring properties; it is a sign thats lettering choices typify the era of post-war architecture, especially 60’s and 70’s brutalist architecture. This typeface is well known and recognisable, found on many buildings and in advertisements, in the post war era.  It is the signage from a very working class pub, a pub full of history and community, with its own alcoholic regulars and quirky landlords. Although the pub has not existed for a fair few years, and the community are no longer able to get a pint for 20p, it is still remembered through archives and anecdotal stories of it’s local people.

particleboard, weather resistant paint, mild steel, fixings. 2000mm x 190mm x 18mm