The Hope Pub

The Hope pub is an instillation work that combines artworks previously made by the artist; The Hope, The Hope II, In the heart of the Strong Country and Always Served Here. These elements are taken and put together to create a fictional pub from a bygone era. 


The artwork is a fusion of local history and family history, it is a fictional pub with a bold name. The Hope is a place to host conversation around family, the pub, why we are losing so many family and independently owned pubs today and how our social class affects where we feel comfortable, but any topic of conversation is welcome.

Press: Daily Echo


Collaboration with New Road Theatre and Fuse Collective

New Road Theatre and Fuse Collective

THE HOPE written by Deborah Gearing

a promenade play, a transitory experience, a walk to the pub

Saturday April 20th 7.30pm

meet outside the Alex pub, Bellevue Road  

Rachel knows nothing. She thinks she’s off for a quiet drink before she gets married. RACHEL: Oh my God, there’s a body. That changes things. What to do is obvious, isn’t it? How you see it depends on what you see, and in what order... It’s one of those stories you heard from a friend, so might be a little vague, but some of it is true. You just have to let it play out and take it in. There’s music. And people playing people they know, people they’ve met. Or people they’d like to meet. See all this. See it all. Where I am. It’s where I am. Map this. Anchor me. My city, shrug me into you. Embrace me and hold the sea of pixels at bay. This is real. One foot. This is real. One foot forward. Run just run.

Come to the HOPE, haven’t seen you for ages.

Come to the HOPE and talk about it.

 Arches resident Amy Scott-Pillow was given the opportunity to install her installation 'The Hope' at the final venue of the play of the same name by Playwright Deborah Gearing in Old Northam Road (Salvum Interiors). For one night only The Hope was imagined as a modern day venue where the fascinating and thought provoking play took place. Amy’s instillation sat alongside and within the play itself, brought to life by actors playing the role of a father and daughter that haven’t seen each other in a very long time. A peek into a historic narrative alongside a contemporary play. This event is the latest incarnation of Amy’s work that has explored her family history in Southampton.